Route Changes Update

Posted on by Adie Peart


Here at Puffer central, we are always looking for ways to improve the event without undermining those vital ingredients that make the Puffer such a unique experience. Over the years this has seen us investing in course changes and upgrades to enhance your enjoyment.

So as you all know, over the next couple of years we are planning to add some extra 1.5 km to the course that will be a mixture of new singletrack and fire road to allow for overtaking. We are currently half way through this process and the current plan is to include the mainly fire road element for the 2018 event. The singletrack links and reconfiguration work will then be completed and all will be ready for next year's Puffer.

We have armoured the parts of the new course that we intend to use long term however some of the links we plan to replace with new singletrack could, at best, be described as challenging in the wrong conditions. We are therefore left with a dilemma for this year's event.

On the one hand - this is the Puffer - one of the ten toughest MTB events on the planet and although axle deep mud has never stopped you lot before, we are very much aware there is a line beyond which misery becomes the dominant emotion and we certainly don’t want to go there.

We will watch the weather and the course conditions and make our final decision a couple of days before the event. If it looks like too much of a sh*t fight then our fall back position will be to run the old course for 2018 before introducing all the new elements in 2019. So keep an eye on the weather and watch this space !


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