Strathpuffer 24 

Essential Event Information

(which may be subject to change)


  1. Riders must compete on pedal bikes using human power only.
  2. No E-bikes are permitted.
  3. Only one rider per team may compete at the same time.
  4. Riders must 'dib' the timing chip at the control on every completed lap.
  5. Any riders/teams retiring must contact an official as soon as possible.
  6. All riders must carry emergency food supplies, a whistle, survival blanket and an emergency light.
  7. All riders must carry or wear appropriate clothing for warmth in the event.
  8. All riders must carry a basic first aid kit. 
  9. All competitors under-16 years must provide written permission from parents.
  10. Any competitors who will be under-14 during the event must contact the organiser's before entering. If entry is permitted by the organisers the competitor must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst competing.


The Route

The map below shows the Puffer route                                                                

Depending on the weather and conditions we may make some alterations........


Race info

Please read it all to help the event run as smoothly as possible.

If you are the Team leader ensure you pass this on to all your team mates.


Getting Here

Please do not go to Strathpeffer village. You must now collect parking passes and register before getting access to the event site. This is located at Brahan Estate on the A835 approx 2 miles from Maryburgh roundabout. There will be signs to direct you.

The event itself is based at Contin Forest, on the A835 heading towards Ullapool, half a mile north-west of the village of Contin and 20 miles northwest of Inverness. On the A9 head over the Kessock Bridge to Tore roundabout then take 2nd exit onto A835 to Maryburgh roundabout. Take 2nd exit and after 2 miles you'll see signs on the left for Registration.

If you are coming from the North-west :- the event is on the left of the A835 just over the bridge after the Achilty Hotel and before Contin village. You will need to register at Brahan first before gaining access to the site.

The location is situated 10 mins drive from Contin Forest at Brahan Estate. It will be a drive through affair and will allow us to do our checks, note any changes and hand out parking passes, T-shirts, race numbers and timing chips. You will then be able to head over to the event centre to get that parking spot set up. 


Site Access

PLEASE DO NOT PARK ANY VEHICLES ON SITE BEFORE 12noon ON FRIDAY 12TH JANUARY 2024. The site will still be being prepared.

Anyone arriving before 12noon will be asked to leave.

You cannot gain access to the event venue until you have registered and collected your vehicle pass from Registration at Brahan Estate.

Entrance to the Contin site will be closed between 21.00 Friday night and 07.00 on Saturday morning.




Parking is always a headache at the Strathpuffer but if we all work together we can make parking run as smoothly as possible. We know you all want the best spots but you can’t all fit on them so we really appreciate your co-operation to make parking happen efficiently.

Please do as the marshals ask; they’re all volunteers and they will be doing their best to accommodate you.

It’s worth repeating - We limit access to one vehicle per team whether that is a solo, pair or quad. There is plenty of space at the Achilty Hotel nearby for excess vehicles to be left for the duration of the event or you can pre-book a spot for the weekend at Contin Community Centre. 

The plan is to send motor-homes, vans etc up the initial fire road climb to park Tour de France style along the course, those with tents only and caravans have a flat parking area 300 metres away from transition and cars are squeezed in anywhere we can.

You must park where the marshals direct you. Please be nice to them - we have a great team and we can guarantee they will be doing the best they can to accommodate you. 

You must bring snow chains and know how to use them for your vehicle.


Camping & Accommodation

There is a reasonably large camping area and a whole forest to spread out into if necessary. However, in order to ensure we get as many teams as possible on the best areas please camp neatly and only occupy the area you really need. Our marshals will guide you.

This is Forest and Land Scotland property so no open fires on the ground.


For those of you that might want to be a little more comfortable either before, during or after the event, here's a link to VisitScotland's website. There are also local hotels, B&B's and Self-catering options who list themselves on our Facebook page and AirBnB. 



Registration Procedure - Friday 12th January only

  • Collect your Parking Pass and Register from your vehicle at Brahan Estate. There are no facilities at Brahan so bring a flask/nibbles for the queue - there will be a portaloo at registration.
  • The entrance to Brahan Estate will be open on Friday 12th January 2024 from 9.00 and close at 20.30
  • Please respect the residents of the estate at all times during our visit


Registration Procedure - Saturday 13th January only

  • Collect your parking pass at Contin Forest entrance from 7:30am 
  • Register from your car (you'll be directed to the registration point) between 7:30 and 9:30

Please download and print the relevant documents below for your team-members to sign.

Bring the signed disclaimers for all your team-mates with you in order to collect your timing dibber, number boards and t-shirts.

Sign-on Indemnity forms are available to download and print before the event here –


Indemnity form for Under-16's

Under-14's Accompanying Adult Indemnity Form

16+ Adults Indemnity Form

  • All team members must register and sign an Indemnity Form.
  • All Under-16’s must have Parent/Guardian signed permission to participate.
  • All Under-14’s must have an adult accompanying them on the course and written permission from their parent/guardian and the organisers
  • Under-14's must complete both the Under-16 form AND the Under-14 Accompanying Adult form.
  • All team members must be registered by Saturday 10.30 am.

Once you have registered follow the signs to the estate exit and then on to the Strathpuffer site at Contin – marshals will help guide you to get parked and you can then get set up for the weekend !

Registration FAQ -

What If:-

  • …...I arrive to register after 21.00 on Friday evening?

You will not be able to get on site at Contin, so find somewhere to stay overnight and we’ll see you at Contin in the morning.

  • ….. I haven’t got all my team disclaimer forms?

You can still register and get your parking pass, but you will have to collect your dibber from the late registration desk at the event site in Contin between 7:30 and 9:30am.

  • …...I have to change team size – where do I do this?

You can do this at registration.

  • …...I want to change team name - where do I do this?

You can do this at registration.

Start and Rider Briefing

Just before the race starts there is an essential rider briefing outside the marquee at 9.45am. Please attend as we may have made last minute changes to the course or procedures.

The Race starts at 10am with a Le Mans style run. You will be piped to the start-line.

The team member who starts the race must complete the first lap. No changeovers permitted! The first lap will not qualify towards the fastest lap.


SPORTident will be with us for the weekend to provide their usual consistently accurate timing and rapid results service. We will be allocating one dibber per team which must be "dibbed" in the transition area at the end of each lap. Only one member of each team is allowed to be on the course at any point in time.


Bike repairs 

OrangeFox Bikes will be on site from early Saturday morning until the end of the race offering mechanical assistance. They will have common spares including cables, brake pads, chains etc with them to cover likely scenarios but you would be advised to have at least a spare derailleur hanger for your bicycle.

If you would like anything specific brought to the race please email them and they will bring to the race for you.


Light hire & charging

Is there power to charge my batteries?

Yes, USE Exposure lights will have free charging facilities throughout the race, as well as ex-demo lights for sale. 

Please make sure your lights are fully charged before arriving at the event so we don't overload the system.

Lights can also be hired from USE Exposure - Click here for the 2024 light hire offer.

Your hired lights should be collected before the race starts......after that they will be issued on a first-come basis.


We have limited water supplies and they might be frozen, so please bring sufficient water for your own use.


We will have plenty Porta-loos dotted about onsite... and we do go round checking loo-roll supplies etc.


We would be eternally grateful if you could take as much of your rubbish away with you as possible - we've got a good track record for keeping the forest clean after the event so it's appreciated if you would do your bit for the environment. 

We provide limited rubbish disposal facilities for landfill only (not for your awnings and kitchen sinks though !) so please take your recycling home in the clear bags provided at registration and help us recycle more ! - Ta.


Food & Drink

Red Poppy Catering will be working hard over the weekend from Friday evening onwards to keep you all fed - pasta, soup, bacon rolls, muffins, chocolate, tea, coffee and much, much more will all be available to replace the many calories you will be burning.

There is limited food available during the wee small hours but FUEL Foods will be providing their porridge pots throughout the event and also tea/coffee overnight on Saturday. 

Coffee Rescue will be there to help you keep awake.....

Windswept Brewing will be there with their bar and also beers to take away. 

On Friday night we have the Storehouse Bothy Pizza van onsite with their delicious artisan pizzas. 

Contin Shop will be open early till late.

Contin Petrol Station has basics... and fuel !

Contin Community Centre host a Pasta party on Friday night.

Protect Our Forests

Our forests are at risk from tree pests and diseases. These can dramatically affect the health of our trees, upsetting the delicate ecosystem balance and devastating large areas of woodland.

Pests and diseases hitch a ride in mud and debris on shoes, paws and tyres, ending up in new forests. Here, they can spread rapidly in environments with no natural resilience. You're the best defence our trees have. Before a forest visit, remember to clean your shoes, bike, any toys or equipment and your dog too. Just take a moment to brush off any visible dirt, and give everything a good wash. This helps slow disease spread, preserving our woodlands now and for future generation. More info on you can do to help protect our trees is found here - Support our trees health

Prize Giving

We endeavour to organise the prize-giving for as soon after 11am on Sunday morning as possible. Last year we managed to get sorted by 11.30am so that will be our target this year. Please hang around to cheer those that have done good.


Spectators will have access to the site but will NOT be able to park there. Please use the facilities provided in the village. Please do not park in residents driveways and respect the traffic management barriers in place.



Many organisations help in lots of ways to make this event possible but we would just like to highlight the contribution of our main partners this year – Forestry and Land Scotland, CUBE Bikes, USE Exposure Lighting, Windswept Brewing and FUEL 10K.

Please buy lots of their products and say you are doing so because they support the Strathpuffer

And Finally...

We hope you really enjoy the  ‘Puffer, and enjoy your training. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the website & Facebook.

We'll also send a pre-event email out in the week before the race with the latest updates

See you there !

The Puffer Team

All enquiries should be directed to